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    Tackle Selection

    Hello all,
    I've been living in Cairns for the last 6 years, although I have enjoyed myself here, I have been battling a serious illness during this time.
    Most of the fishing trips have been on our 43ft Steber, so I have never fished the creeks or inlet.
    I've recently purchased a 5.5 metre to fish these areas and Tinaroo.
    Iím looking at purchasing gear to suit, any suggestion's, no price limit.
    I have no experience fishing for Barra, jacks etc. All my experience is offshore in the charter industry.



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    Re: Tackle Selection

    Electric motor on the nose. Get a spotlock version if you can. Low profile baitcaster - anything over about $300 for the reel alone should get you decent quality. Get a nice 5 to 6 foot rod - graphite, light and sensitive with a fast action. I've got a gloomis cr665 that I like. 30lb braid with 40lb fluro leader for the inlet. Get some lures that work on a real slow retrieve and cast at every snag and gutter in the inlet until you start getting results

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