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    Mitchel Reels

    These Reels in the spin series good as they once were???....

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    Re: Mitchel Reels

    Having serviced and repaired a number of the newer Mitchells, I'd venture to say that they're made for a price point these days. The Avocets in particular seem to wear very quickly.
    I still have a couple of oldies - a 498 and a couple of 309's, in pristine condition, the skirted spool variety, that are as smooth as they were new - I'd like to say that of their newer reels, but I'd be lying.
    Mitchell started losing ground many years ago, when they released the 4000 series reels (the broken-back reels). From memory, they underwent a series of chages of ownership - and the newer owners , (as usual), cared more about mass-marketing than quality engineering.
    One only has to take a look at the pricing structure to realise that the quality of old is just not there any more.

    Still, it also depends on what you're using it for - I'd happily fish a Mitchell for bream and trout, as it's just not necessary to have all the bells and whistles associated with an Exist or Stella - or the ridiculous expense!

    But...every brand has it's fanboys!

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    Re: Mitchel Reels

    Thanks mate and appreciate your honesty , just looking for some quallity spin reels without breaking the bank for soft plastics n small lures etc...Soooooo many out there to choose from and at reasonable prices..Mindyou i shouldnt be sussing more reels as allready im told im nuts !!..

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    Re: Mitchel Reels

    Ha Ha! That makes two of least!
    I'm always on the lookout for new reels - and have settled lately on daiwa's freams (2004 and 2500), as my preferred s/p reels. Spooled with 4 and 6kg Gliss, they cast a mile - although the Ryobi Slam 2000 is on special at Dinga atm - and looks the goods in reviews on you tube. Very light, too - so will balance well with the crucis rod I use.
    Oh well, it's only money - and I can't leave it ALL for the kids!

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    Re: Mitchel Reels

    The Freems has been on my shortlist also though was looking at the Pflueger salt water series for slightly heavier braid using soft plastics offshore ??, anyone with handson with these ones??...

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    Re: Mitchel Reels

    I can't really help you with the Salt, but...if it's any help, I've not had one in for service or repair - so that could mean that their owners take care of them, or they don't fail regularly.
    And given that the owners also own other reels they've abused, I feel it's the latter.
    Hopefully, someone will come along to give an in-the-field testimonial.

    As for the Freams?
    Definitely the classiest pieces of kit I've owned! Nicely balanced, silky smooth operation, silky smooth drag...what's not to like?.

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    Re: Mitchel Reels

    I cant say i have a freams but i have a Diawa ballistic 2500 i use for estuary fishing and i am pretty sure that they are are only minor differences between the two , well there was about 2 years ago when i bought it.

    Anyway its a nice reel for the coin about $250 i think off memory, drag is decent and i haven't had any problems but there is one fault that i was very surprised when i first noticed it and that is when the spool is located at its highest oscillation point the bail arm contacts the spool when opening and closing the arm. Not major but some times it will not fully close without you forcing the arm over the top lip of the spool. I was surprised this design fault wasn't picked up by Diawa but hey its not a saltiga!
    Anyway other than that its pretty good and hasn't let me down and i am not the greatest maintainer of fishing gear so if a bit of gear requires anything in the way of maintenance more than a spray of freshwater it dose not usually last long with me, any way that is my two cents so it may be worth checking the freams has not got the same fault.

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    Re: Mitchel Reels

    Just spied the Quantam Smoke reels in the spin series , anyone had any experience with these or too early to tell??..

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    Re: Mitchel Reels

    Buggar !!! went down to get a Freams and came home with one of these ,[

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    Re: Mitchel Reels

    Nope - no problems with the bail clipping the spool on my two Freams. Bit of a shame that Daiwa missed it though. I had an issue with the Freams 2500, in that if you removed the spool at the bottom of the oscillation stroke, it would not re-engage until the main shaft was moved further out from the body. Again, not a biggie, but annoying nonetheless. Daiwa acknowledged the problem and supplied me with a new reel, so all's good.

    Also, bought a new Daiwa RZ4000 for light surf work - (if it dies from sand intrusion, it's cheap to replace). Ordered a spare spool from Daiwa, and they mistakenly sent me an RX spool. When I called Daiwa, they assured me that the models were identical - just a few more BB's in the RZ. However, when spooling up, the line loaded so far to the front of the new spool, that it was unfishable. Sent them some photos, and they were blown away! Daiwa Australia had been assured that the models were identical
    Shite happens!. .

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