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    Good on fisheries for the catching the grub.
    But i hope they use that expensive looking laser tape measure for more than measuring nets.

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    Re: Busted

    They should have taken the boat and vehicle as well as the shirt off his back. Would have clearly been aware of the regulations I am sure.

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    Re: Busted

    That is no where near tough enough for this bloke.
    Democracy: Simply a system that allows the 51% to steal from the other 49%.

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    Re: Busted

    I'd kick the magistrates arse until his nose bleeds for handing down such a soft sentence.
    Australians need to get tougher on magistrates and judges to hand down appropriate penalties.....that is where our legal system fails.

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    Re: Busted

    It is not the magistrates fault for the light sentences, it is the legislation that dictates the punishment. I agree the penalties are all to lenient for rec fishos catching commercial quantities of fish un-licensed.

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