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    Anybody used the Okuma Metaloid reels?

    Hi, been spending some time looking for a smallish 2 speed lever drag reel without much success. I like the Penn Fathom FTH15LD2 but it is a tad too small with only 200 Yards of 20Lb line capacity and the next size up is the FTH25LD2 model which is the 30 model with a narrow spool so it is a still a little bit too tall and heavy. Tried to a find a dealer who stocks Okuma Metaloid reels to have a look at but every place I tried or rang, didn't have them in stock and the 2 speed models are only available from overseas.

    My preference would be the Fathom in a 20 size but unfortunately Penn don't make one, very annoying. I already have the FTH30LD2 but wanted something that would hold about 250-280 yards of 20lb mono and be a bit smaller hence I tried to find an Okuma Metaloid so I could compare the sizes. The price even with bringing them in from overseas is still within the budget of $350 landed for the 2 speed models and the fathom FTH25LD2 is about $100 cheaper than that locally.

    Has anyone here bought one of the single speed Metaloids or knows who stocks them north of Brisbane and what are your thoughts on them?



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    Re: Anybody used the Okuma Metaloid reels?

    I haven't got one... but 'old mate' on the AFN fishing show uses one and gives it a fairly good rap.. (probably sponsored though)
    wouldn't mind one myself but found it hard to find them in stores to look at prior to purchase... best of luck and if you find a dealer let us know...


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    Re: Anybody used the Okuma Metaloid reels?

    Hi Andy, I rang Rapala (the distributor) yesturday and they organized to have one of the M-5S reels to be sent to the Morayfield Outback Aventure store for me to have a look at, don't know how long it will stay there but should be there on this Tuesday. It will be the standard reel size and 1 speed lever drag version (I hope). That way I can compare it's size to the Penn Fathoms. In my opinion the FTH25LD2 I think is a better reel in that it will have a significantly stronger drag, thrust bearing and 2 speed but it is also much larger and heavier which is a bit of a deal breaker for me unless the Metaloid is similar in size, if it is similar in size I will have to decide whether to go for the much smaller FTH15LD2 or suck it up with the FTH25LD2 or the single speed Metaloid.

    If possible I will try to take some side by side and above pics and post them on here for others to have a look at.


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    Re: Anybody used the Okuma Metaloid reels?

    I finally caught up with the Rapala rep today at the Outback Aventure store in Morayfield and had a look at the Metaloid M-5S and took some pics to compare against the Penn FTH25LD2 and the Penn FTH15LD, These are my opinions only so bear that in mind if you are also looking for a similar sized reel.

    The height of the frame of the Metaloid on the side fits in between the 2 Penns, the frame size on the Penn FTH25LD2 is 75mm and the FTH15LD is 60mm, where as the M-5S is 65mm. For a further comparison my Daiwa Saltist STT30H and STT20H frame are also 60mm high.

    The clicker on the both Penns is much louder than the Metaloid whose drag is also slightly higher than the smaller FTH15LD, The FTH25LD2 is just a narrow spool version of the FTH30LD2 so it has the same drag settings as it's bigger brother so not a valid comparison against the Metaloid and the FTH25LD2 is a 2 speed lever drag reel

    Metaloid M-5S line capacity 340/20lb Mono 15.6 oz 24lb drag
    Metaloid M-5N line capacity 250/20lb Mono 15.4 oz 24lb drag
    Metaloid M-II line capacity 340/20lb Mono 15.9 oz 24lb drag (overseas model in colour varients)

    Fathom FTH25LD2 line capacity 330/20lb mono 19.6 oz 35lb drag
    Fathom FTH15LD line capacity 200/20 mono 15.1 oz 20lb drag
    Fathom FTH15LD2 line capacity 200/20 mono 15.6 oz 20lb drag

    The M-5II 2 speed Metaloid is only available from overseas as Repala do not have any plans to bring it in to Oz and there is a blue and red highlighted version as well if you go the import route. (M-5IIR and M-5IIB).
    The price of the Penns has risen and the FTH15LD2 2 speed is still available from some Oz dealers who still have stock for about $260 delivered otherwise it's about the $350 mark same as the single speed Metaloid.

    So to sum it up after all that it looks like I will order the FTH15LD2 for myself, it's has a smaller line capacity that I would have liked but still OK and its frame size in my hands makes it feel better to hold for a smallish reel, the 4lb drag difference really isn't an issue.

    The M-5S is taller, has more line capacity and a slightly larger drag, a quieter clicker in single speed available locally only, and weighs the same as the FTH15LD2 which is smaller, louder clicker and 2 speed with less line capacity and drag.

    I should also mention that the Penns have a thrust bearing in them! which is a good thing .
    So as I said before, these are just my opinions as I am only looking for a smallish 2 speed lever drag reel mainly for casting.

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