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Thread: Bass Fishing

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    Bass Fishing

    Went to a mates place which allows access to a large creek system from where he lives.
    He said we could use his boat to check out the area where we has previously explored on foot casting for fish from the bank.
    My friend Noel caught 2 bass & 1 catfish.
    Biggest bass was 38cm.
    I caught nothing.
    Only went out for about 3 hours in the afternoon throwing lures around the area.
    Was so calm & peaceful on the water as a large toothy reptile which inhabits the area apparently keeps the water skiers away.
    The mate who let us use his boat has seen the reptile (on the boat sounder + 500m from his house) & estimates it to be 13-14 feet in length.

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    Re: Bass Fishing

    Looks like a lovely afternoon session was had!
    Interesting the skiers are worried about a Croc, sharks don't seem to worry them at all down here!

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