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Thread: Truth reels

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    Truth reels

    Just got a couple of these delivered.

    I figure if im not catching fish, i can look at how pretty they are.

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    Re: Truth reels

    Hi Koastal, had a look at their site, some pages were not finished yet so it looks like they are a young startup company, they only have a very limited amount of info regarding the reels themselves as in how many bearings, what type/qty of drag washers, gears,clicker, floating spool, anodizing ect.

    I assume that the $250 listed on the site was in US$? What sort of price in AU$ did it end up costing you to bring them over?

    They look interesting but not sure how they compare against the Avets, Penn Fathoms ect.The biggest concern that I have with small reels that that have a decent amount of drag is whether or not if you do hook something large say a decent tuna, GT Travelly, ect., can the reel disperse the heat from the drag quickly enough on the high settings and not suffer from shuddering or become jerky on a long drawn out run.

    I would be interested to know how they perform once you test them out.


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    Re: Truth reels

    Been around for a while.. Used to be known as Release Reels. A copyright issue required a name change.

    $330 delivered. I have an Avet which is very similar but is over 12 years old now

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    Re: Truth reels

    Nice. Never heard of them but the reviews are mostly positive and made in usa is cool. Might make a good reel for reds

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