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    Advice for New Rod/Reel

    Hi guys,

    After fishing for eg bream, flatties, whiting, etc I'm looking to start targeting some larger species such as jews, bonito, salmon, tailor and maybe some rat kings in the area I fish. In the market for a new rod and reel combo and not sure where to start have a budget of around $500-700 happy to go cheaper if there is a good option there also.

    I mainly fish estuary/river systems such as Port hacking and botany from land based and looking to get a boat soon too, but mainly land locked for now. My current setup is a 2500 Twinpower on a Daiwa TD Commander 1-3KG spooled with 8lb braid normally using 6-8lb fluro lead, normally fish using baits and sometimes SP but would be interested in using HB/Metals for the new outfish as well and bait.

    Any advice/suggestions is much appreciated on a combo, line weight/leader, rigs, lures etc as this is new territory for me.


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    Re: Advice for New Rod/Reel

    hey mate, my favourite all rounder is a Shimano TK3G 782 6-10kg rod with a Shimano stradic ci4 4000. I run 30lbs braid on it and have caught Barra, long tail tuna, Samson fish GT'S (little ones...) and pretty much anything u can think of with it!!! it is a nice long rod, awesome for casting, a good action for plastics and it's not too long to use in a boat.
    it's definitely my favourite set up and for the fish u are after I reckon it'll be perfect and still light enough to keep the fun in it!

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    Re: Advice for New Rod/Reel

    If your after them maybe something around the 6-8kg with a 4000-5000 reel. Length around the 7-9ft mark. Line 20lb should be plenty.

    Above is a good suggestion. I use my snapper setup a lot for similar..
    7'3 4-7kg Patriarch XTR rod with a 4000 Stradic. With a 6-12kg Xtr rod and 6000sw Saragossa as backup if any bigger kings are about.

    Plenty of good rod and reel options without breaking the bank in the above range too.

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