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    Question Manangoora info


    Has any Ausfisher been to Manangoora or Kingfisher Camp areas ?

    I will be there about the end of April and looking for info on all types of fishing activities. We'll have a small tinnie to use .

    Any other info like secret waterholes / waterfalls / billabongs or points of interest would be appreciated.

    cheers LP
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    Re: Manangoora info

    mate i have heard good things about the crabbing at manangoora. They reckon there is plenty! Fishing i heard can be hit and miss but thats only hearsay. Be interested to see some pics and a report of your trip

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    Re: Manangoora info

    LP PM sent. Sounds like an awesome trip

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    Re: Manangoora info

    LP how did you go mate, any chance of a report?

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    Re: Manangoora info

    replied but realised the date... gahhh

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