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Thread: Over head reels

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    Over head reels

    2 questions

    Looking at getting okuma makaira 50w and the specs says .70mm line 820m so wat is .70mm line in kgs or lbs?

    Also i have a tiagra 30w and love it and im a Shimano man threw n threw BUT without being byest the okuma makaira look amazing
    Look supper smooth and the drag is better and lifetime warranty

    Anyone here gone from tiagra to okuma makaira
    Or know much about the makairas?


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    Re: Over head reels

    Average .7mm mono is around 60lb, .7mm braid is closer to 200lbs.
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    Re: Over head reels

    I run 3 Makaira's, 2 are 15II's and a 50II. I have only owned Shimano TLD's in that type of reel so not a fair comparison, never used a high end Shimano overhead so can't compare there also. If you google Alan Tani you will find out a lot more about the Makaira reels. My next over head will be an 8II.
    I'm very satisfied with them to the extent that is all I will buy in overheads unless someone can convince me otherwise.


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