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Thread: pizza oven

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    Re: pizza oven

    Looks like its time to share some chook and as suggested add to the smoke stack!
    What could go wrong.......................

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    Re: pizza oven

    Give her a sausage mate, thats all she wants.

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    Re: pizza oven

    What was her problem? Not able to get a share of the tasty tucker, or the smoke getting into her intimates hanging on the line?

    Glad you have got it working well for you. The oven that is, not your garden watering service.

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    Re: pizza oven

    She was going off about the smoke. There is a little smoke when you start up but once you get going there is no smoke.
    I do not fire it up if any neighbours have washing on the clothes line.

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    Re: pizza oven

    Lengthen the flue so the smoke goes above her roof line and oly use seasoned wood should alleviate the smoke problem.
    Being an asthmatic I can understand the problem that the smoke would cause.
    The smoke smell would remain in the house for days.
    I do a fair bit of smoking and always warn the neighbors a couple of days before hand so that they can plan when to do their washing etc. Also slip them a smoked chook.

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