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    Do they work , worth the $$ , produce the goods , and best sizes n colours for say Bream , Whiting and estuary fishing in general .. Trying to build myself a little box of goodies for my early morning/afternnon walks when travelling for a flick of the rod here n there..
    Have a few Poppers n hardbodies for the shallows and was thinking of a few for deeper water..
    Again i thank you for replies/advice ..

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    Re: Vibes

    As much as I like using them, they tend to get hung up all too regularly! I've lost way more than I can count - even after swapping out the trebles for either W hooks or stingers.
    Honestly? I've given up on them - as 99% of my breaming is done around snags or oysters, and with vibes having a distinct liking for these structures, once they go in...they ain't coming out! Vibes seem to work best for me over snagless flats - but then, I don't strike too many bream there, either!
    When all is said and done, I've found success on cheapies, expensive ones and pretty much everything in between.
    I've used ebay cheapies, TT's, Sebiles, and many others, but these days, I stay with ZMans as my go to lures for bream, whiting and flatties, and spiced with a little Squidgies scent, and rigged with a weedless hook, they'll go pretty much anywhere, and also come home, too.
    I'm sure others will be along soon to declare them a fantastic lure, (with which I agree), and experience every few snags, but in my personal opinion, I'd rather be fishing than retying all too often.

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    Re: Vibes

    Vibes work yes, but your target fish of bream and whiting and flathead will more readily accept a squidgy wriggler in bloodworm colour.
    I use vibes a lot for jew and threadies and get a number of flatty bycatches with them but few bream and very seldom a whiting.

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    Re: Vibes

    Well just came home from a few casts at the local Trawler Wharfe and hooked up a small Moses and a small Grassy on a Vibe purchased from BCF which were on special just to try out mind you i did get one snag but walking along the edge of the wharfe till i retrieved it backwards it came adrift though dont know how often ill be that lucky lol..
    And lost something that might have been on the edible size but will never know lol....
    Caught more on peeled Prawn than did on the vibe but had to try it out and like i said they will be used for my travels , but i will take on board thankfully all thats been advised for the travel tacklebox ..
    And yes mostly interested in Bream , n Whiting for travel ..

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    Re: Vibes

    Psst - try a Gulp 3" fry for those whiting, on a small offset worm hook, slowly retrieved along the bottom - but don't tell anyone else, OK?
    KG's down south are a sucker for them, and so are sandies and dart further north..
    And swap out those trebles for up-facing W hooks - makes 'em a lot more snag proof. I've found that vibes work best right on the bottom, twitched a couple of times to get them vibrating, then paused for a few seconds to sink down again, but that's where you'll get snagged.
    Good luck with them. If you can find some relatively snag-free areas, that's where they shine.

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    Re: Vibes

    Cheers mate , appreciated n will try..

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    Re: Vibes

    Jig head for those frys ???...Size n weight ???.

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    Re: Vibes

    Sigh!!! lost my first vibe after the second cast!!!..Just snagged n wouldnt come adrift for me...

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