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    Land Rover Discovery Vs People Mover

    May be interesting to some. I would have thought the people mover would be like a bug in that the last thing it would see would be it's arse, however the end result surprised me.

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    Re: Land Rover Discovery Vs People Mover

    As an aside, how would an alloy bull bar effect the outcome? I would say, the discovery still would have issues with the cabin protruding onto the drivers legs and the child restrains would impact more energy to the child.
    But more modern 4x4s may be better again. If only we could gather more videos of this type.

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    Re: Land Rover Discovery Vs People Mover

    A family friend towing a 3t van along a country highway with a discovery 4 had a car pull out in front of them. T boned the car. The couple in the discovery had enough time to register they were about to die. Except they didn't. Walked away from it and bought another Discovery 4 they were so happy with it. Unfortunately for the other vehicle they weren't so lucky....

    I am guessing that modern discoverys and most 4x4 are much safer than a 13 yr old discovery

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    Re: Land Rover Discovery Vs People Mover

    all good info

    but I've never seen a Renault on the beach at Fraser!!!

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