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    Fishing Reel Spare Parts

    Have a couple of older Shimano Biomaster reels that i would like to repair or get parts for .. Any advice on best place to suss out for parts??.
    Cheers n Thanks for replies

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    Re: Fishing Reel Spare Parts

    Mate u can try Shimano u might get lucky.
    u will need to get a part number. Try shimano web site reel schematics


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    Re: Fishing Reel Spare Parts

    I've refreshed a few old Abu's and bought the parts online from Mike's Reel Repairs.

    They are a Canadian store and it can take a while to get the parts but they were the cheapest and had the biggest range when I looked around initially.

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    Re: Fishing Reel Spare Parts

    I've used Tuna's Reel Repairs in the states for Okuma parts due to Rapala here being non contactable - they have Shimano on their web site as well. Only Shimano parts I have needed I got through Shimano Australia
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