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    High Speed Spin Reel - Daiwa Saltist 4500H

    Looking for a new edition to the stable for 2016, it will be used primarily for spinning for tailor from the beach matched to my old fave MT4144 spinning rod with a line class of 4kg. I started in this market years ago with the classic TSS4 which I used relentlessly and re-built on a number of occasions before moving on. Then went to a Daiwa Saltist 4500 which fitted the bill admirably at first and felt like a massive step up after the agricultural feel of the TSS4, but things broke too quickly, (anti reverse, drag clicker, various bearings etc, etc) the build quality just didn't seem to be there, or maybe it wasn't up to the punishment that I tend to put reels through. But I have read some scathing reviews of the original Saltist reels since experiencing the issues I had with mine.

    Daiwa now have the Saltist Nero 4500H which seems to tick the list of things that I'm looking for. I'm happy with this size reel, I love the high gear ratio, it's seems a no nonsense reel similar to the original saltist that should handle beach fishing conditions provided they have fixed up their production issues with the original, but does anybody a genuine first hand opinion of this reel?

    Also open to a suggested alternative if somebody has a genuine contender for high speed beach spinning.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: High Speed Spin Reel - Daiwa Saltist 4500H

    I was also amazed how hard it was to get a suggestion of what to replace a TSS4 with. Especially as price was not a limit.

    Despite the zillions of reels on the market, nobody seemed to be able to suggest or try to sell me a same or better product for the specific feature of high cranking speed.

    Eventually a bloke at the Tackle Warehouse suggested a Diawa Emblem Pro 5500A.

    That reel is actually faster on the retrieve than the TSS4. Fair Dinkum. I took them both to the river and did a number of retrieves to compare.
    After 2 years it shit itself due to salt water ingress and cost a couple hundred dollars to repair. I must admit I took it everywhere on my jetski, so it did get wet.
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    Re: High Speed Spin Reel - Daiwa Saltist 4500H

    I use a Saltist 4500 off beach for tailor. Only issue I've had is that I have replaced the bail arm twice. Once under warranty, and the other not. It only a cheap part. The reason for replacing it was the fact that the braided line eventually cuts into the bail arm. I now keep a spare bail arm in my kit. Other than this, is does the job for the price. The other reel I spin with is the Biomaster 10000. I haven't had any issues with this reel at all. Its still about 5.8 :1. Its a bit smoother than the Saltist, and casts a bit further, but a $100 dearer.

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    Re: High Speed Spin Reel - Daiwa Saltist 4500H

    I bought a saltist to replace a TSS4
    Bearings shot in 12 mths TSS4 is 20 years old

    Stella 10000 is coping much better but the TSS4 still gets a run

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    Re: High Speed Spin Reel - Daiwa Saltist 4500H

    My saltist 4500 lasted for 1 longtail. Gears got all stripped and thrown out

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    Re: High Speed Spin Reel - Daiwa Saltist 4500H

    If I might throw up another suggestion? The Shimano Aero 4000. Only around 340gms, too. Not as big a capacity as a Saltist or Emblem, but Wow! Do they cast well! And the retrieve, at nearly 6:1, is more than fast enough for Sambos and Tailor. So far, mine's caught both, with a few small kingies thrown in, and has yet to miss a beat. Spooled with around 250m of 6kg Mustad briad, it balances out on a light graphite 10 footer superbly. Methinks well worth a look. The Ci4+ version is even sweeter, but out of my price bracket.

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    Re: High Speed Spin Reel - Daiwa Saltist 4500H

    Might be a little big for your needs but I have one of these for offshore. Awesome piece of kit with 42" of line retrieve each wind.

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