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    Freezing Line

    Last winter I ventured down for the run of brown trout in the Eucumbeme River.I have fished for trout many times before but just haven't been stupid enough to try it a this time of year. Turned out to be a real social advent with anglers from far and wide getting there for it. I may doing this again this year as I find myself in Canberra around that time and a small detour won't hurt. Now to the line enquiry, I was using braid last year and doing the glow bug/nymph thing and with waking up to -6 the line was constantly freezing (along with everything else) and I was just wondering if mono would suffer as badly? Just add a couple of shots as its quiet scenic and an interesting expiernce in a swag.

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    Re: Freezing Line

    I can't help you at all with the line mate.
    But a trip like that's sounds great.
    I would love to hear mie about it.


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    Re: Freezing Line

    Thanks for your interest in this post. I put together my experience on a trip like that.

    WHEN & WHY
    Towards the end of open fishing season as the browns are heading up the feeders to spawn. This time I was lucky and they had a bit of rain before I got there which triggered a move and slightly dirtied the water which was good. I heard from people a week later the water was gin clear and struggled.
    For me it was a trip down from the Northern Rivers, I am not a fan of Sydney at all so I always try traveling through it in the dead of night. I got through it and chose to drive until I have had enough and throw a swag down. You may like to be more organized and comfortable than that and have accommodation pre booked. Get up and head to the nearest Maccas for breakfast in this case Goulburn. My next stop besides fuel was Alpine Angler which was quiet amusing. I hopped out of the car still in my boardies and wandered in to be greeted with “where the hell are you from QLD?” With a smile I replied “close enough” and “what’s more these are my waders as well”. The older gentleman’s said he did try that once when he was about 17 but only once. A bit of humor pays as I walked away with a discount although I got the feeling the really well decked out guys in the BMW did not find me that amusing.
    It goes without saying it’s going to be cold and getting cold makes you miserable and I did see some with standard shoes on and once wet you are history. For myself I didn’t want to spend too much as it’s probably not some thing I’ll do a lot of. You could spend a bomb just on the clothing alone. I dropped into MO on the way past and picked up some cheap waders. Under these were 3 pairs of thick socks. I didn’t buy thermals, instead I pinched the missus leggings and wore them under fleecy trackies with the top ensemble similar ,not fancy but it worked. I had fingerless gloves too although this didn’t stop the my mate who invited me down, letting me know how good his heated gear was.
    There are a wide range of options from caravan parks, cabins, hotel rooms at the pub and houses for rent. Some fishers also staying at Jindabyne and fishing the lake as well - for me it was camping in the park. There were a few people there, some with vans, tents and swags - all had one thing in common, a fire to enjoy. It is cold and the possibility of snow is real and one night was -10 and 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 heart warming drinks goes down well.
    DSC_0621.jpgcampsiteDSC_0618.jpg swag with ice on the inside from breath condensation
    The trout is a magnificent looking animal with it‘s patterns and colour almost going to gold. There is a real possibility of catching an absolute monster as they make their way upstream. The fish were getting targeted a number of different ways and as always some fisher people were more successful than others. Tassie Devils, Celta’s and shallow running hard bodies were getting used but this didn’t seem as productive as the other two methods and early morning is apparently the go for this tactic. Flies were here and there and everywhere and the guy across the river from me was absolutely killing it with getting scores of over 50 on both days he was there. Then there was the Glow Bug and Nymph thing which was what I was using. This involved a swivel with a tag end left on with some split weights attached to match the current or depth. From the swivel it drops down to a glow bug and then dropped to a nymph. This was cast up current and worked in an ark then retrieved, if it stopped or you felt a bump which didn’t feel like the bottom you were on or you where snagged lol. There was a mixture of male and female fisher people and they came from all over and it was interesting to meet others. The good thing with the river being not that wide you could laugh at other peoples’ jokes and occasionally pay out on their fishing buddies and be involved in other conversations. As with such a gathering of people you can expect to see fisheries and national parks so carry your NSW fishing license at all times. There is a bag limit of 1 and only 2 in possession. Somebody should inform the pelican of this as they were nailing them and as they were too big for them to eat they would eventually give up and grab another.
    258.jpg252.jpg20160222_123306.jpgThe Glow Bug and Nymph set up
    Just a note there are no bins and although Adamminaby has a tip its opening hours are rather short to the disappointment of local businesses. As like all fishing you can travel a long way for nothing as happened to others a week later as the conditions had changed.

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    Re: Freezing Line

    Thanks for sharing. I lived in Queenstown NZ for a few years and can confirm that mono will stick to your rod, as will a fly line.

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    Re: Freezing Line

    Thanks Bemic, guess I'll have to stick to sucking the ice out of the guides and walking line out off the reel every so often when I get down that way this year.

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