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    Monotex Hybird

    Monotex Hybird anyone have experience with them? will same knot like braid work with them?

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    Re: Monotex Hybird

    G'day mitc69 - I'm using quite a lot of monotex in lighter b/s, and am pretty chuffed with its casting and handling performance so far. I find the best braid to braid knot is a 10-turn uni knot. Any less WILL slip under pressure!
    An fg knot for the leader also works well, (26 wraps) - and any breakoffs I've had, broke away from the knot in the leader. I can't help you with the higher b/s but.

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    Re: Monotex Hybird

    started using them an mth go, don't like it

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    Re: Monotex Hybird

    Ah well - to each his own. We all have individual preferences. Some swear by Sunline as the best braid out there. I swear AT it! Never experienced so many wind knots, guide wraps as I have with sunline. Swapped it out for even cheaper braids like Daiwa J braid or Rovex Kor, and have had no problems since - same rods, same reels, same lures. I think a lot of it comes down to casting styles and actions, too.
    What is it you don't like about the Monotex?

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    Re: Monotex Hybird

    casting distance I get 10m more then braided which is great for lures, the floss like the line... you get too many splinters near the knots and it breaks itself down after a few cast

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    Re: Monotex Hybird

    I guess it's a line for certain styles and fishing conditions then. I've been using it for lightweight bream and silver trevally fishing - with very light jigheads, and so far, it's holding out really well. I doubt however, that I'd use it in reefy/snaggy areas, as I don't think it's abrasion-resistance will be all too hot. Very much like nanofil. Snaps like a carrot if a rock even looks sideways at it! And WAY too many unexplained breakoffs using nanofil.
    So far though, monotex is performing well for the fishing I do - which is mainly landbased spinning, and sometimes, if I can't get that extra 20% in distance, I'm not hooking up anyway, so it's a bit of a trade off.

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    Re: Monotex Hybird

    well I was using 8kg gliss, I consider that light, most days just bait a mullet on it and let it swim freely on land base and in the boat, I've lost barracuda and wahoo on it a few time, don't know if the teeth are ripping it apart or line badly in general, the other rod with 9kg braid line has no problem with it but yeah, maybe it only spec for a cretin type of fishing style but least your having fun with it

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    Re: Monotex Hybird

    [QUOTE=mitc69;1612647but yeah, maybe it only spec for a cretin type of fishing style but least your having fun with it [/QUOTE]

    Yeah - thanks for that. I do hope you meant a CERTAIN type of fishing style...and not what you typed?

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    Re: Monotex Hybird

    yup sorrie bad typo

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