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    Filleting gloves

    I'm in need of some good quality filleting gloves can anyone post links and if it's a single glove I need it to be right handed

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    Re: Filleting gloves

    I have some Berkley ones they are universal fit and have done well so far.

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    Re: Filleting gloves

    I have one of those stainless steel mesh gloves that are used by meat workers, it was given to me and I tried it once and found it to be a pain to use, so just went back to the old days and took care when using a knife, if I can find it I can send it to you if you want it, might take some looking though, I haven't seen it for ages now.

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    Re: Filleting gloves

    Look at the Butchers and Abattoirs supply shops. About $5 for cut proof gloves.

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