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    Wivenhoe Access Options

    Hi folks - sorry bout the spelling. Requesting for a mate of mine who fishes from a yak. He was wondering if anyone knew whether these waters of the dam and surrounding area can be accessed before 6am?
    He wants to be on water preferably just prior to daylight but as we know, 6am in summer means sun up!.
    Any suggestions to pass on to him would be greatly appreciated.
    cheers All,

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    Re: Wivenhoe Access Options

    The only two public access areas are Logans Inlet and Hamon Cove. The waters are restricted to daylight hours only. Although the gates may not be locked, access is still technically not permitted until after sunrise.

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    Re: Wivenhoe Access Options

    Access to Wivenhoe and Somerset has been from 5.30am on a trial basis since 1 December 2015...

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    Re: Wivenhoe Access Options

    Thanks gentlemen - I will pass this info on!

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