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    mademoto electric atv- anybody have one?

    I stumbled across these surfing the net and they caught my interest.
    the thing is, the advertised price seems quite low for what they are offering. i saw their sales video on youtube, it seems like an ok little machine for what i would use it for.I wish I could test drive one.
    does anybody here know anything about them?

    they have a minimum order of 5 on the model i looked at so i sent a request for a quote on total cost (atv, shipping, customs, taxes, etc.) delivered to my door in the u.s..i would suppose shipping to Austrailia would be a different cost. i get the impression they don't sell many here in the states.

    here is the model i would get:

    here are the other selections they offer:

    thanks to anybody who can offer any info, insight or advice.
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    Re: mademoto electric atv- anybody have one?

    Three issues stand out.
    1/ its alibaba. Have you ever delt with this mob before? Alibaba has to be the dumbest, stupidist incompetent selling agent EVER
    2/ They dont even know their own product- front drum brakes rear disk. I have never ever seen such a combination
    3/ Treat these like monkey bikes with the same legal shortcomings.

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    Re: mademoto electric atv- anybody have one?

    The pictures do show rear disk brakes, so I can only assume it has drums on the front. Not sure why you would do that but anyway. I'd expect the electronics would be cheap and nasty so it will probably burst into flames when you try and charge it for the first time.

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