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    Help on Wilson live fibre RLF9 overhead rod

    Hi guys, Bought a Wilson live fibre RLF9 overhead rod some time back but only used it twice and not keen on overheads. So I was thinking of reusing it with a spin reel (Shimano Tunnus CL4 6000). Can any of you experienced rod guys tell me if it will work ok for this purpose? Only issue seem to be the bottom runner could be a bit bigger as it kinks the line out towards the reel a little bit.
    Plan 'B' I guess is off to the classifieds
    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Help on Wilson live fibre RLF9 overhead rod

    Mate as long as u do not want to cast it but use it as a free spooling over the edge of the boat. The only problem u may have is if the rod builder used the backbone of the rod to bind the guides. U also could remove the stripper and the next guide and replace them with a larger guide to allow for casting ?

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