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    Question Access to KIn Kin Creek from Boreen Point

    Not sure if this should be in fresh or salt as there is no brackish forum
    When entering Kin Kin creek and the Everglades from Lake Cootharaba you are met with port and starboard markers, followed by a series of white sticks with the port and starboard colours. These sticks lead through what appears to be a very narrow dug out channel, only about 1.5 meters wide. On Google Earth you can see this channel. The whole area is very shallow. I discovered this while exploring the area one weekend when I had my boat there for other reason than fishing. I went half way up the channel, and then had to leave as time was an issue.
    Is this the correct way to access the area, or is there a simpler passage.
    I'm keen to get into the area for a fish and an explore.
    I think the tidal influence is minimal this far up the river, is this correct.
    Thanks for any help.


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    Re: Access to KIn Kin Creek from Boreen Point

    We were up there two weeks ago. I t was a real struggle to get to Kinaba Lodge. The big shock was when we went to go across the second lake to the Noosa River entrance - the whole lake is a mass of water lilies with a narrow passage about 1 metre deep. We ended up with masses of lily stems wrapped around the motor. Once across passage up through the Narrows was OK, we even caught a fish or two


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    Re: Access to KIn Kin Creek from Boreen Point

    Wait for the tourist boat and follow it in.

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    Re: Access to KIn Kin Creek from Boreen Point

    The narrow passage marked by the white stick is the channel to follow to get into the Noosa river.
    It's quite shallow and you may have to trim your motor up or if you got a bowmount, trim your engine right up and use the electric.

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    Re: Access to KIn Kin Creek from Boreen Point

    Thanks for the information. It looks like an interesting place for a fish/explore. I'm figuring if I pick my way in, the lack of tide should mean I can pick my way out. Looks like a few different fishing options in the area.

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