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    Re-boarding if you fall off/go for a swim

    I tried to get back on my ski today in semi deep water as a practice just in case I ever come off. Fail fail fail...
    I've got no chance of getting back on with the esky on the baĉk. Is there a trick or do we all just hope to never come off. Has someone devised a boarding ladder to assist maybe? i'd be interested to hear any ideas.
    I'd hate to have to loose 20kg to make it possible...ha

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    Re: Re-boarding if you fall off/go for a swim

    You can learn to start the ski and haul yourself on board as it idles along. I learned this just last year and it certainly is easier.
    I take it your fish box is blocking the aft platform? I got rid of mine for that reason and use a cooler bag now.
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    Re: Re-boarding if you fall off/go for a swim

    Yep thinking the same thing... I've got no chance of getting past the esky... do you have any pics of how you have yours set up.. I'd be keen to have a look.
    Rod holders and tackle box etc...

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    Re: Re-boarding if you fall off/go for a swim

    There you go.
    From a 70L icebox to just a couple rod holders.
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    Re: Re-boarding if you fall off/go for a swim

    Hey Shark Poker... thanks
    Your first pic is almost exactly what I have... You've convinced me.. I'll try to mount a similar setup as your second pic to my ski... I ride a Yamaha and don't have your ski pole mount but there should be a way of attaching some rod holders... I'll see what I can Google up.. I assume you have saddle bags for your tackle and a bit of ice in the killbag at your feet?

    Thanks again for your help... it may just save my life one day... when I tried my practice run in shallow'ish water I was exhausted in minutes from trying to pull myself up and over the esky, I can see it wouldn't take too much for it to turn into a critical situation...

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    Re: Re-boarding if you fall off/go for a swim

    Just wait for the big bitey from your other thread to show up. You'll be amazed what you can achieve with the right motivation

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    Re: Re-boarding if you fall off/go for a swim

    Yes that's exactly what started me thinking about this... I love fishing off a jetski but you do feel vulnerable in certain situations..

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    Re: Re-boarding if you fall off/go for a swim

    not so familiar with jetskis, but would a short rope ladder be useful to give some kind of foothold?
    I reckon a bit bitey thing would give lots of motivation too!!!

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    Re: Re-boarding if you fall off/go for a swim

    It's been a bit windy to do much fishing so I started to re-invent the rear of my fishing outfit... I've attached a couple of starports on the back grab handle and a mate a work donated an old fish bag and net, the bag has a large pocket for fins but also holds my gaff and landing net plus rear light when not used.. I haven't tried the set up yet, and reckon it'll take a few times out before it's perfected, that's half the fun I guess... It will at least give me half a chance to drag myself out of the water and re-board if required. The Trailblaza Starports are an amazing invention, I wish I had known about them earlier..
    rod holders small.jpgbag 2 small.jpgstarport small 1.jpgbag small.jpgstarport small.jpgRailblaza small.jpgAvatar Ausfish.jpg Attachment 112294Attachment 112295Attachment 112296

    The fishing rod holders are a bit cramped for room but I think they will work. I like the way, when not used, they are unobtrusive. My next issue is the tackle box which used to be on the top of the esky. I do have a soft bag for my plastics and small amount of tackle, but I can see it will be a bit difficult to use while loose..I may look for some saddle bag type devices that can sling over the seat... cheers to all and hopefully the wind will abate soon...

    ps Thanks again Shark Poker...

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