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    Australian Bass Fishing - Which lures work best??

    So I recently went on my first bass fishing trip and managed quite a few lovely fish. I ended up with about 25 for the trip, which i feel was a fairly solid achievement, I took some nice fish, check them out in the videos below. Anyway, i only had success on two lures on my trip; the Kato Mini Blade and a small Rapala generic fish topwater. I am really encouraged by my success togo and hit the bass up again, but I would love to use some different lures. So fishos, which lures work best for you guys when targeting Bass? If you could possibly include the store that sell them and the rough price that would be extremely helpful. Cheers guys!

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    Re: Australian Bass Fishing - Which lures work best??

    I like small vibes (hard & soft), 1/2 oz spinnerbaits, zippin ziggys (for topwater), Rapala Xrap shad6 minnows, ice jigs and small metal slugs when they are schoooled up, small soft plastics with paddle tails or curly tails, small blades etc etc

    In other words, Australian bass will take most lures...

    You may also find that the lighter you fish, the more bites you will get. Your rod looks a bit heavy. Suggest you look at a 1 - 3kg or 2 - 5kg rod and 4lb to 8lb line with 10lb leader. I also fish with very light drag when in open water as they are pretty good at pulling hooks...much tighter drag around timber!

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    Re: Australian Bass Fishing - Which lures work best??

    Thanks for the report and for the trouble of putting up the great videos.
    When the weather ordinary for fishing in the salt, I sometimes fish in the back waters of my local creeks for bass.
    My go to lure is the Ecogear SX40.
    I'll have to give the dams a go , as a good day for me in the local creeks is only 6 odd fish.
    Keep Ya Tip UP

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    Re: Australian Bass Fishing - Which lures work best??

    anything around the 40 to 50mm range is worth a shot.

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    Re: Australian Bass Fishing - Which lures work best??

    I think you should definitely get a couple of spinnerbaits, they're great in so many situations. Around 1/8 and 1/4oz for the water you are fishing. A Lucky Craft Sammy 65mm ? and maybe a Jackal TN50 or TN60 (in natural colours)
    Good luck

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