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Thread: Talica size

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    Talica size

    Want to upgrade my trusty old TLD 15 to a talica. Wondering what size is similar, 10 or 12? Going on a live fibre 6ft6 10/15 kg rod. I can't get to a tackle store to check them and will be buying online.

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    Re: Talica size


    I fish 60 braid on a 10 x 2 spd, I recon its plenty never needed any more drag and have never needed to lock it up. just a lot less weight in your hand when fishing big days

    my son fishes the 12 x 2 spd he has no dramas with it size wise

    we have the 10 on a 20-60lb custom phoenix and the 12 on a 30-80 custom phoenix, both good red fishin setups
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    Re: Talica size

    I fish a 12 with 50lb braid on a samaki rod. The 12 would be pretty close to your tld size, probably smaller actually.

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