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    Unhappy What has happened to Squidgies

    I used to use Squidgy Fish size #1 and #2 all the time for flathead. Now size #2 has been discontinued and colours such as Golden Eye and Jelly Prawn have disappeared, also the best colour of al,l Killer Tomato is a white blob with Texta pen markings on it. The whole fish and Wriggler range now seem to be made of a very soft plastic which rarely survives more than one fish - this makes them very expensive. I now do most of my flathead fishing with other brands.


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    Re: What has happened to Squidgies

    Raise the issue directly with Starlo on his FB page......never left me hanging for an answer for long.

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    Re: What has happened to Squidgies

    I like the zman plastics

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