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    American Tackle Tidal Wave spinning guides

    These guide sets came to me highly recommended by a professional builder and now that I have started the guide bindings it is going to take so many more guides to achieve the same result.

    Has anyone built with these guides and if so, what are your thoughts?

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    Re: American Tackle Tidal Wave spinning guides

    I converted a Berkley dropshot 2-4kg rod to tidal wave a month ago.
    Speil says increased casting distance.......I have not noticed an increase or decrease in distance throwing 2.5 gram poppers on 6lb tasline braid......I wasn't really expecting much difference.
    Noticable things when using microwave guides:
    The line slap on the rod when casting is gone, feels softer somehow.
    Line tangles on guides are eliminated completely.
    Wrapping the tip when retrieving a wiggled popper can still occur.
    One extra guide to the setup compared to the original microguide arrangement, but it has not made the rod sloppier than how it was originally.

    Critical dimensions for rod setup is the placement of the stripper guide from the reel face and the next guide up the rod.......the rest are simply placed to suit the action of the rod and or aesthetics. Do not ignore the first two guide positions.

    I have made probably close to three thousand casts since conversion and can't really complain.

    If they come up with a set made of titanium I would be onto it instantly for upgrades for the rest of my rods.

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    Re: American Tackle Tidal Wave spinning guides

    The set I have are a Ti set with Nanolite rings. Using a 4000 size reel on a 9ft rod the first guide was placed 22 inches from the reel hood up the blank with the second guide another 11 inches from that. All up I think it is going to take 11 guides to finish the rod.

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    Re: American Tackle Tidal Wave spinning guides

    I thought in the Tidal waves only the first three guides were TI coated and the rest Titanium?

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    Re: American Tackle Tidal Wave spinning guides

    Yeah only the top guides are Ti the larger ones are Ti coated S/Steel.

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