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    Baitrunner 6000OC Line

    Hey guys.

    With a heap of gift vouchers for my birthday, I thought I'd take advantage of a sale on the Baitrunner reels.

    Specifically looking at a 6000OC on something like a 7' rod around 4-8 or 5-9kg. Mainly bay and light offshore stuff.

    I'm thinking line around say 20-30lb. Question is mono or braid?

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    Re: Baitrunner 6000OC Line

    Hey mate,

    I have the 8000 OC on a 8 - 10 kg 7ft rod loaded with braid.

    If you are specifically going to float-line or troll with it then i'd say put mono on it and go for the 8000 size (same as the 6000 but with a larger spool) so you can fit more on.

    I put the braid on it so I could cast some slugs/poppers offshore as well.

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    Re: Baitrunner 6000OC Line

    i'm using a 4000oc on a 6'6 phluger salt and an 8000oc on a 7ft ugly stick primary for light offshore use targeting tusk fish, sweetlip, squire and moses. The drags so smooth and predictable you can run much lighter line then you would think witch helps with the hook up rate were i fish. I'm loaded with 10lb and 15b mono respectively. The 4 works great for both estuary and shallow reef stuff and is usually my go to bottom bounce reel when the fish get fussy as the tuck fish take less line but like it light, the 8 holds a hell of a lot of 15lb mono so works great for floating pills or lightly waited gangs.

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