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    patrol suspension

    Hi i have a 2000 patrol coil ute and have a slide on camper trying to stop the sway ing from one side to the other it dose not lean to mutch getting confusing advice from experts from beafing up shocks; sway bars srings have fitted air bags did not make a lot of diferance dont want to make the ride to suffer to mutch when camper is not on thanks

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    Re: patrol suspension

    Those whiteline swaybars may be worth looking at. I believe they are thicker and stiffer than standard and wont affect the ride.

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    Re: patrol suspension


    There is a Swaybar linkage system avail on Net. Ilooked at one for my D Max.
    Around $195 del.

    I'll see if I can find it

    But if you top heavy with camper on back, no matter what you fit under there. The only thing that will control your excess sway is less right foot.

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    Re: patrol suspension

    Is the problem it rolls out when cornering, or it sways side to side while driving on the highway?

    So re read your original post that it is a coil with air bags. If these are pumped up so it's not sagging with camper then replacing the rear shocks with something pretty stiff will likely fix your problem. Personally, I love Bilstein shocks so much so I won't bother with other stuff anymore. Unless going to remote reservoir stuff..

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