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    Sunday at Somerset (Part Two )

    Morning All
    Arrived at Somerset at the Gentlemens hour of 9 o'clock . Bloody raining . Only rained for about 10 minutes , then she let up . Had deployed the redclaw pots on Saturday afternoon , after work . Thought we might as well troll down to where the pots were soaking .
    After about ten minutes one of the reels goes of it tits . Being in 12 metres of water the prospect of it being a snag were remote .After a brief fight we had this girl (pictured below ) in the livewell having a rest . The plan was to get a photo and send her on her way . To cut a long story short , pulled in the pots ( not a bad haul ) , went back the ramp to get a photo of the girl , then sent her swimming on her way. She was caught on six pound mono combined with the pictured spinner.RED claw 1.jpgSomerset P2.jpgSomerset p3.jpgSOMERSET P4.jpgSOMERSET P5.jpgThanks for reading

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    Re: Sunday at Somerset (Part Two )

    Some nice size redclaw.Hopefully i can find a few this weekend around the Spit area.

    Cheers Dazza

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    Re: Sunday at Somerset (Part Two )

    Thanks Dazza
    Pretty pleased with the size . When I put the pots in the water temp. was 30 degrees . These lot come from the northern area of the dam , amongst standing timber.

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    Re: Sunday at Somerset (Part Two )

    There a better size than I managed a few week back. Might try in closer to the sticks this weekend.

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