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    Re: Filleting knives recommendation - gift

    Yes, I've also got a Victorinox, my favourite and also a Dexter Russell which isn't far behind.
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    Re: Filleting knives recommendation - gift

    fdick, swibo, victorinox, all the same. Old man was a tool maker and engineer, super critic of tools, tool edges and sharpening. I followed him into engineering, did all the common core stuff including materials, so sometimes I can understand him!!! He slays most of the crap about knives and sharpening, plus taught me how to sharpen and hone a knife! I got swibo and vic fillet knives, both hold an edge as long as each other. When I was on the tools I worked a lot of abattoirs and fish mongers, they use a mix of knives and all say their preferred brand is best. Talk to the pro sharpeners in each shop that been there for years and they all reckon the new knives are the same and are shit!! Horses for courses, pick one, learn to hone it, get it professionally sharpened when it gets blunt (or learn to sharpen yourself) and you will have a good knife.

    On a side note about knives. Wife bought me a fancy chef knife (I think its wustoff?). Awesome knife, easy to sharpen but wont hold an edge for long. I tried changing the bevel angle no good, still wont hold an edge. Got some jap knives (shun) in a kit also, hold an edge for ages but hardest knive ever to sharpen. The vic chef knife I have is a shit because the handle stops you using the full blade on a chopping board, but its easy to sharpen and seem to hold an edge for a while, go figure.

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    Re: Filleting knives recommendation - gift

    Give him a 5 inch boner. I'm sure he'll be happy with that.

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    Re: Filleting knives recommendation - gift

    I use J Martiini Finland in a 6 and 8 inch blade
    sometimes marketed by Rapala

    honestly the best ive used for filleting and skinning for a long time.
    Imused to use the heavier knives all mentioned on here but going to a thin and really sharp knife has been the best for me.
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