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    Sunday at Somerset,

    Morning All.
    Put the boat in at Somerset (Gentlemens hour =0900 ). Beautiful day , not too busy and a nice cooling breeze .
    Rigged up three lines , 2 Jackals and 1 spinner , and set of to do some trolling . After about five minutes one of the reels goes off it tits . Being close to standing timber , I naturally thought I had snagged the spinner.Threw her into neutral and prepared to try to save the lure . Unlike a snag , this bitch wanted to put up a bit of a fight . Anyway got her onboard , and saw she was a decent fish . I was going to get a photo and let her swim away , unfortunately she did not make it .
    She was caught on 8lb mono . Can't remember the name of the spinnerbaitBig Yella.jpg

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    Re: Sunday at Somerset,

    Nice yellowbelly there. Well done mate
    Cheers, Doug.
    Love to use Preditek or Kingfisher lures or Viva Lures when I am out fishing.

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    Re: Sunday at Somerset,

    Thats a solid fish, many others, grandson and myself were into fish of that quality at Windamere Dam a few weeks back, bonus is there are cod available as well.

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