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Thread: Samurai Jig 8

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    Samurai Jig 8

    Here's a fantastic 50lb Samurai Jig 8 rod recently built. The blank was 88 grams and at 6 feet long with that rating it's a gem. I cut this one down a few inches. Custom grips with a fancy Alloy reel seat and metal trim ring and the final rod weight still came up at only 266 grams. Special thanks to my brother Mick who helped out heaps to build this.
    Guides are Fuji Titanium K frames so a fair amount of money there alone. Gudebrod metallic threads (Silver metallic is Fishhawk). I'm loving the colours and very jealous I have to give this one to my mate.

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    Re: Samurai Jig 8

    Looks good. Roughly what's this build worth?

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    Re: Samurai Jig 8

    very nice bit of kit!

    The whole world's mad save thee & me (but I'm not too sure about thee)

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    Re: Samurai Jig 8

    Another sweet stick Bun........being a jig blank I take it more of slow-moderate taper?

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    Re: Samurai Jig 8

    Thanks guys. It's more of a moderate fast taper and not fully parabolic like other jigging rods. Perfect for normal bottom bashing with bait.
    I got the blank for $160 and the Titanium guides were around the same so it's not a cheap build! Maybe $400 all up in all the components for this build.

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    Re: Samurai Jig 8

    Very nice build.
    Can I ask where you got the blank from? That's a great price at $160


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