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    Petrol Motors on Leccy only dams

    SEQ water have had a change in policy direction in that they now allow a petrol motor to remain on your boat if you wish to use it on the following electric only dams.
    Baroon Pocket
    Lake Mcdonald
    The only exception is North Pine dam where petrol motors have to be removed under the terms of access given to the PRFMA who manage the boating access there.
    SEQ water do request that your fuel line is disconnected from your motor.
    This will now allow a lot more people to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the leccy only dams.
    SEQ water are not actively promulgating this change but are now install new signage at the ramps on the above dams.

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    Re: Petrol Motors on Leccy only dams

    That's great news but get ready for the idiots who'll be using the petrol engine in any case.

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    Re: Petrol Motors on Leccy only dams

    hmmm, where did you see or hear this? (links)

    guys in the recent bass nations Hinze comp that wanted to leave there outboard fitted had to apply and pay for a special permit, they had to remove fuel tank, drain any fluids and run motor dry.
    considering they don't want people swimming in Hinze dam, I doubt they'd allow outboards to remain on boats, and will be very surprised if they do...

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    Re: Petrol Motors on Leccy only dams

    Email from seq water. I have pmed a copy of email to Ash. If anyone else wishes to view I will pm to them

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    Re: Petrol Motors on Leccy only dams

    Quote Originally Posted by Luc View Post
    That's great news but get ready for the idiots who'll be using the petrol engine in any case.
    They are already doing it. That is how I found out when I sent email to SEQ water who have advised that they are stepping up surveillance and also advised of changes.

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    Re: Petrol Motors on Leccy only dams

    so from that email it seems if it's feasible to remove the motor if its only installed with clamps and not bolted on there is no reason why it shouldn't still be removed unless say it's an elderly person unable to do such a task, or it's very heavy motor. Can't see many big bass boats invading Hinze any time soon they would be too worried about scratching there boats in amongst the timber, and that's where the bass are, but don't tell anyone that sshhh
    cant see a problem with it if it's monitored properly but if I see anyone motoring around with a petrol motor ill just forward gopro footage to the relevant authorities. It's pretty important to keep hinze clean as its the gold coasts primary water source. Thanks forwarding that email.

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    Re: Petrol Motors on Leccy only dams

    That's the big sticking point, "if its monitored properly"

    Boats speeding on Wivenhoe, electrics used on Kurwongbah and yaks illegally on NPD.

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    Re: Petrol Motors on Leccy only dams

    Might seem a silly question since you can't actually use the outboard but Were there any restrictions on the motors allowed on the back ? Size, 4 stroke etc?
    I used to have a seperate little tinny just for hinze but when I got the new rig with yam 60 hp 4st tilller steer I was thinking of a big tripod and block n tackle to remove it to still be able to fish hinze so this is GREAT news for me.

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    Re: Petrol Motors on Leccy only dams

    Extract from the email that I received no mention of the technology of the motor.
    Boats with power motors can be used on those lakes where electric motors are allowed, on the proviso that all possible actions to remove the fuel source are taken (and only the electric motor is used).

    Our preference is for the power motor to be removed from the vessel, however we are aware that this is not possible on some (or most) vessels. If this is the case, we then instruct the user to remove any fuel containers and bleed the fuel line if possible.

    At this stage we donít actively promote the above

    We are aware that a minority of customers may or, indeed have, abused the guidelines and we are always reviewing various issues such as the one you have reported.

    Please be advised that our rangers will be instructed to watch out for such breaches of the rules. In addition, I have included the dams you mentioned on our Compliance Team patrol list.


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    Re: Petrol Motors on Leccy only dams

    Any mention of penalties? What can the Ranger do if he catches you with your fuel tank onboard, or God forbid, starting your motor on the lake? Does he have the power to arrest? fine? exclude from the lake? scuttle the vessel? talk sternly? or give the stink eye?

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