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    Reel advice Stradic FK or Daiwa Sol?

    Hey guys, been a long time between posts but getting back to finding more fishing time.

    Anyway I have a dilemma where somehow I've ended up with a rod in the rack without a reel on it.

    Anyway what I'm thinking is to bump the current Stradic FJ 2500 (spooled with 10lb power pro) onto said rod which is an Abu 3-6kg nano thing. 7ft. I'll use that as a bit of a bay plastics rod.

    That leaves me with nothing then on my Daiwa Gen Black Wicked Weasel 2-6kg (2-14g lure weight). I was thinking I might use it for flathead, bream, bay plastics and even throwing slugs when it warms up.

    I'm torn between a new Stradic FK 3000, or a Sol II 3000. I know both are awesome reels. Anyone got thoughts?

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    Re: Reel advice Stradic FK or Daiwa Sol?


    Stradic all the way, seriously. I have the FK 3000 and brilliant. also have sol 2000, not bad but just prefer the stradics.

    It's personal choice at the end of the day, both great quality.

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    Re: Reel advice Stradic FK or Daiwa Sol?

    I would go with the Stradic personally. The Sol will cost you at least another $50 and weigh 60gms more. The Stradic drag will work better and longer than the Sols as well
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    Re: Reel advice Stradic FK or Daiwa Sol?

    Stradic - it's amazing.

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    Re: Reel advice Stradic FK or Daiwa Sol?

    Maybe search Alan Hawk's reviews - you will see the Stradic overwhelming positives, cheers

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    Re: Reel advice Stradic FK or Daiwa Sol?

    I have a 8 year old stradic 1000 as well as a 3 year old sol for flicking plastics , both are great but I prefer the stradic, its still like new after 8 years and lots of fish, and just to add , yesterday I shouted myself a new stradic hk 1000, its silky smooth, I got the deal from bcf with the sahara 2-4kg rod for 279$, the rod is ordinary and will be a spare, one thing that did cheese me off was the fact that the major reel makers no longer give you a spare spool , nearly 300$ for a reel and no spare spool is a bit lousy for mine.

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