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Thread: china braid

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    china braid

    hi all
    can anybody give me a site in china that I can buy some braid I have tried 2 sites pay for the braid but it never arrives
    (1) wrb3336666 did not arrive
    (2) agepochfishing-us did not arrive
    just need a trustworthy sits please
    cheers snap

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    Re: china braid

    EBay has worked for me

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    Re: china braid

    with what seller

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    Re: china braid

    So you bought from chinese sites but didn't get the goods hey ,maybe you should have bought from an Aussie store and got the goods and probably had it put on your reel as well . Matt
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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    Re: china braid

    life is a challenge if your a proper fisherman

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    Re: china braid

    I would have thought 2 failed attempts would be enough to turn you off?

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    Re: china braid

    Hey snap Ebay has never failed me although my asain friends did send the wrong brand once. I use Saratoga Shadowstrike exclusively. Look through the braid listings till you find it, generally ends up costing about $A37 for 1000m for 30,50,80lb. It's 8 strand, as thin as any of them and supple, it does fluff up after quite some use but I do horrible things to it. Anyway at those prices give it a shot.

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    Re: china braid

    I use Alibaba or ##########. There like ebay, only on a much larger scale. Never had an item not turn up in 3 years and cheap.

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