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    Yeppoon Fishing Advice Please...


    I am heading up to Yeppoon on the 2nd of October for my best mate's 40th B'day and thought I'd tow the boat up for a few days fishing too since I have 6 days off work (two travel days, 1 recovery day , and 3 fishing days).

    I would be incredibly grateful if anyone would be kind enough to share their tips / General Spots I should sound around??

    I have a Tabs Territory Pro 5m side console, with their optional upgraded plate hull, 110L fuel tank (can take 40L reserve in addition) and 90HP Suzuki.

    I have all the offshore gear and regularly fish off Cape Moreton and Off Gold Coast.

    I would be happy targeting table reef species or Mackerel.

    I have taken the boat up there around this time last year when the boat was brand new and spent a LOT of time and fuel sounding around for fairly ordinary results.. As I will only have 3 days to fish - I would be really appreciative if any locals, expats or people in the know could point me in the right direction.

    Many thanks ,

    Kind regards,


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    Re: Yeppoon Fishing Advice Please...

    Anyone from Yeppoon??

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    Re: Yeppoon Fishing Advice Please...

    Hi mate
    If you get good seas (5-12 knots) get a local map and try these spots. You can pick which ones according to how far you want to travel.
    There are plenty of macks around at present, but you will have to go much further to get good bottom fishing.
    Slow trolling slimy macks or bonito is good for spanish and floating pillies for school macks.
    In order of (my) preference.....Barron Island, Outer Rock, Conical, and Man and Wife are a few.
    Good luck!

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    Re: Yeppoon Fishing Advice Please...

    Thanks Reggy - I really appreciate your tips mate! I will certainly try them out.

    Is there a "bait grounds" like off Southport Seaway - where I can jig the live bait? Or do you just buy the Slimey Macks from a good bait shop ?

    I have just bought a heap of trolling lures too - so hopefully they will go OK too for a Spanish or two.

    Getting excited :-)

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    Re: Yeppoon Fishing Advice Please...

    How did you go? Taking my boat up to Yeppoon at Xmas time to take my old man fishing. Any and all advice appreciated. Would love to knock the macks off my bucket list

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