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    Shimano triton TSS4

    They worth anything to anyone? I know they were a sought after high speed spinning reel in there hay day, I have one sitting around gathering dust in good working order and want to offload it but have no idea of a price for it...?

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    Re: Shimano triton TSS4

    I got $40 on gumtree for mine .. Sold in 2 days
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    Re: Shimano triton TSS4

    Hmmm, seen one on eBay listed for $80, was the only one in there...

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    Re: Shimano triton TSS4

    What do you want for it?
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    Re: Shimano triton TSS4

    I have one in the garage too, Garry.
    Not using it anymore.
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    Re: Shimano triton TSS4

    I'd be happy with $50

    ill just chuck it on gumtree for that and see if I get any bites

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    Re: Shimano triton TSS4

    Sold mine in a couple of day on Gumtree for $100
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