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    Gary Howard rods?

    They worth anything/any good...?
    picked up a "Solid 56 signature GH" baitcaster rod ages ago and have never used it just seeing if it's a sought after rod or worth anything...

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    Re: Gary Howard rods?

    Do you mean solid as in solid glass? If so I doubt it would be very useful these days.

    I've got a few Gary Howard graphite/glass rods. Made on blanks that are either Calstar or very similar. Very happy with the rods, well made with good hardware.

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    Re: Gary Howard rods?

    Yeah I'm certain it's glass, it's as thick as a 10kg rod but as whippy as a 1-2kg rod lol

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    Re: Gary Howard rods?

    Actually think it may be graphite, it's a dull matte black finish compared to a glossy glass finish


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