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    Need new outside rods

    Need some help, as my sharkcat is nearing completion I turned my attention to my current fishing rods and reels and decided that since most are 5 to 10 years old I would shout myself a few new bits and pieces., I have 2 Penn overheads ( older star drags) that I am keeping and have just brought a Stella 8000 reel that will do to start. Not looking for anything over $450, something 2-300 would be good, most of my fishing will be bottom bashing, will try a few lures, float fishing etc with the Stella and I'll probably be using 30 - 50 lb braid depending on the reel.

    Thankyou for any information you can provide.


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    Re: Need new outside rods

    Hey Doug,
    with that budget of $450, check out the Wilson venom x range. Just upgraded a few of my rods to these and they are rippers. Aussie built too.

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