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    How big is a 5000 size daiwa spin reel?

    Howdy, so I'm familiar with the technical side of reel sizing by spool capacity and I would usually have gone down to the local tackle shop and had a look at the reel I wanted to buy.

    Unfortunatly I'm in the situation of being stuck in a jungle, in another country a long way from the nearest tackle shop. This has led me to some online shopping, but I just can't picture the physical size of the reels I'm looking at online.

    Please could someone post a picture of a 5000 size daiwa reel in their hand or next to a stubbie or similar so I can get an idea of its actual physical size?

    Would be great to get some help on this one, thanks.

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    Re: How big is a 5000 size daiwa spin reel?

    My brothers 4000 daiwa would be about the same as a 5000 Shimano so I would say a 5000 daiwa would be about a 6000 Shimano maybe a bit bigger hopefully that helps a bit.

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