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    Hi lads fairly new to the jet ski fishing, fished plenty offshore in boats now decking out my 2013 Yamaha fx ho for fishing will be used primarily offshore. I've had dual batteries installed, new sounder / gps combo also, but whilst I've set up a esky on rear not totally happy as I'd like easier access to rods and also the ability to fish live baits more easily.
    Seriously considering pods though price fairly steep. Anyone with advice would be appreciated .


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    Re: Pods

    Hi mate, I've done the complete rack process; 1st got a good stainless rack; then improved it to be a better rack; then added a live bait system onto that rack. Then tossed the whole lot and put pods on. For serious offshore fishing on a ski, pods are the go. There's no drawbacks with them, they work and do everything they're supposed to. Expensive - yep. But if you're going to be at it for a few years they're worth it.
    For casual fishers, probably the cost is prohibitive, but if you're keen into offshore fishing, then pods provide all the pluses you want.

    ps.. anybody wants a great s/s mackerel rack for a 2012 FXHO I have one for sale!

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    Re: Pods

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated. Love my offshore stuff so what you just went through has made my mind up.

    Booked in to get the pods on in two weeks.

    cheers Nick

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    Re: Pods

    you won't regret it - especially on those marginal days where pod stability is supreme

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