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    jigging yellowbelly

    Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone has ever had any success jigging for yellows. What lures would be the best to try?

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    Re: jigging yellowbelly

    very successful technique for me. In dams try from 5-about 12m of water- I like flats adjacent to steep dropoffs. Look for fish on the sounder, and jig black/gold ecogear zx40 or other bladed lures with small, sharp hops and plenty of pauses and slow falls.
    Here's a few that have fallen victim to that technique for me
    Good luck.

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    Re: jigging yellowbelly

    Bobbing we used to call it. Bob a crayfish, shrimp or even a spinner bait around logs and debris.

    Most of my freshwater fishing has been in rivers and streams and not much more than 1- 3 meters of water.

    Always around sheltered areas in the stream.

    Although I have never tried it I recon a plastic frog will get a good cod or yellowbelly if use on the bob.

    Have fun Haji-Baba

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    Re: jigging yellowbelly

    Yup dropping a blade or jackall tn 50-70 in trees or out in the open when you see them on a river drop off or just being greedy chasing bait schools . Its actually become one of my faveourite methods..... but im too impatient for the whole 'slow' hop & drop thing......I tend just drop it & crank & drop erratically ... good luck

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    Re: jigging yellowbelly

    Thanks guys, I will try those methods and lures , I will have to stock up for my next trip at the end of Oct. Sorry Haji-Baba I didn't explain myself to well I mean't bobbing/jigging using lures.

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