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    Boaing binoculars

    I want to purchase some binoculars for the boat. Any recommendations and rough prices?
    Self focusing or automatic focusing etc?
    Thank you

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    Re: Boaing binoculars

    You need one with gyro for stabilisation, standard binocular is too hard to use on a boat
    Good quality Gyroscope stabilised binocular is well above $1000 mark.

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    Re: Boaing binoculars

    Stabilised would be good. I was going to suggest a smaller magnification - 6 or 7 power magnification. Smaller magnification is easier to deal with when you are bouncing around.

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    Re: Boaing binoculars

    If your going to spend that sort of dosh on Bino's make sure they have two very important features - they float and they are waterproof. Personally I just use a standard set and brace against a canopy bar or the top of the screen when I am looking at something. What ever you decide on - make sure you get a look through them and play with focus mechanisms etc first - I have seen some very pricey and full featured binoculars that were very average for me but other blokes loved them. Some I just never seem to be able to get to focus properly (no I wasn't p*ssed).
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    Boaing binoculars

    I have always used 7 x 50 for 'on the boat/water'. Best combination of magnification and field of view. Don't go above 7x power, they will be useless on the boat - well unless you go a full whizz-bang set with gyro stabilisation etc.

    I also like binoculars with a compass, just makes it so much easier to find birds/debris/floating object (whatever it is that you are looking for) with the boat, after you have found them in the 'noccers'. I like a fully manual focus, with L/R eye adjustment - the KISS simple - less to go wrong . But each to their own.

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    Re: Boaing binoculars

    I gave up on binoculars in the boat, these days I use a cheap 40x telescope I picked up on ebay. You know, the pirate kind, easy to use and stow away.

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    Re: Boaing binoculars

    Hi mate I recently bought some Bushnell 7 x 50 waterproof binos and reckon they are great. Get the ones that float. I bought them on line from the US - much cheaper than Oz. Only cost about $180 delivered from memory. They arrived at my door in 7 days.

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