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    Hi All,

    I have been wondering how anyone else feels about glaringly obvious annoyances that the average fisho encounters when out on the water. You know, handy hints that may have been explained once upon a time, somewhere, but you wish that there was a central reference page that will make it easier to find when you encounter these problems, secretly hoping that either manufacturers or stockists pipe in and recommend a way forward if it has not already been done, which will benefit everybody.

    In dreaming about one day being able to join the hords heading up to 1770 in a few weeks, I started dusting off the deepwater gear. Pulling out my Zman 8" shads I noticed they are way too big for the packet they were supplied in and 3/4 the way along the body the tail section have 45* bend in them. Will they still catch fish or should I rectify? Placed in boiling water for around 30 seconds fixed them. I didn't know that! Berkley gulps are another issue but I doubt they can be fixed the same way.

    Solid rings for my micro and knife jigs are both expensive and hard to get, I live in Logan and dedicated tackle shops here are like hens teeth. Shopping on line I can only find local suppliers with packs of 9 (or 8 in bigger sizes) for as low as $6.50. But I found these and bought 50 for $8.00 US. Not sure how they are rated, they are solid and are definitely stainless, no rust or oxidation after months of use and sitting in the tackle box. They are great when rigged up, working perfectly on assist hook setup. They are called saltwater butterfly solid ring and would be interested if anyone can find an Aussie supplier of them.


    I found making my own mold and making my own trolling skirted lures way cheaper, but instead of replacing with silicon skirts, Dayoo gave me some of his bling ( Crystal flash) to tie on using rod binding and epoxy resin, with the attached prototype the result. Does it catch fish? I don't know yet, 1st trial run resulted in being smashed and lost the lure after a heap of commotion around it, have not had another chance. I consider this material would be far superior and resilient to teeth. So some resin heads will be more suited to tying CF to it than others but worth considering.

    Reels - Amazing how many reels I hear with scratchy sounding bearings. Once you identify the right size bearing small bearing company at Capalaba are fantastic!

    Any other ideas? I've only scraped the tip of the iceburg!


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    molds for sinkers and jig heads save a whole heap of money if you can source lead easily. they can be made quickly using a fire and old saucepan as well.

    Old soft plastics can be freshened up if soaked over night in tuna oil, they often get that nice squishy feeling back and the oil makes them pretty attractive to the fish so no need to chuck the packet if its been left in the sun all afternoon.

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