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    Crab Pot Trade In

    Hey guys just letting you know that Crab Pot Center is accepting crab pot to trade in, I traded in 2 of my old pots and got $20 ea for them which is good since I was going to through them out and get new ones. They asked me to let anyone I know about this.

    I never thought on the environmental impact crab pots have on the environment until I was told.

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    Re: Crab Pot Trade In

    nice I was going to throw out bout 10 pots here that are rooted,was going to go and get some off him on the weekend but went crabbin instead.will go this weekend now

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    Re: Crab Pot Trade In

    Thats cool, i have a few, contacted them see if they want them. Good job JJ

    Team C
    Still@ C

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    Re: Crab Pot Trade In

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