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Thread: Somerset?

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    Gday all, I was wondering if anybody has fished somerset recently and if the bass were schooled up in any particular area.
    I have only fished it a couple of times a few years ago and failed miserably on the bass even though i found schools. Ben

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    Re: Somerset?

    I'm guessing not too many freshies get on ausfish anymore. Oh well i"ll try to find some schools to jig , buzz,suspend and jerk some gear in front of them to tempt one again.

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    Re: Somerset?

    Have a read of this and if you have a sounder with thermocline read out you might get lucky. I'd be trying around Queens and the southern end of the dam if there is not to many skiers and jet skies.

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    Re: Somerset?

    It's always worth a try on the flats. This time of year should see the big girls schooled up off Queen Street and out from Pelican Point.

    I fish because the little voices in my head tell me to

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