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    Lure subscription

    Hi All

    I'm thinking of starting a subscription service for reely keen (pun intended) lure fishos. The idea would be to subscribe and get a lure delivered weekly/monthly etc based on a subscription with the aim to get some good prices based on numbers and getting stuff early out of the US and Japan? Any thoughts?



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    Re: Lure subscription

    I'm guessing you mean something along the lines of mystery tackle box which seems to have a good following in the USA, There was a guy here in Australia that started one similar called the fisherman's box but that seems to have closed down now. It maybe worth contacting him to see how he went and any obstacles he faced etc. It seems to work well in the US so I cant see why it wouldn't work here. The only thing I noticed with the mystery tackle box is it seems to be focused on Bass fishing which has a pretty big following in the USA. However here in Australia we have much more of a varied scene so it maybe harder to cater to everyone in one box. But there is only one way to find out. I wish you good luck.
    Cheers Chris

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    Re: Lure subscription

    Just had a quick relook at that Facebook site for fishermans box if you look at the post to page you can see they have obviously had some teething problems ... possibly some customer service issues and getting good value into the monthly box to keep the customers satisfied.

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    Re: Lure subscription

    Thanks for the thoughts! Will look into it a bit further. I just know I would love to get home of a Friday afternoon to a new lure each week?

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    Re: Lure subscription

    Have a look at Loot Crate; they should give you some ideas.

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