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    Question Stickbaiting setup PE5 or PE6?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking at buying a stickbaiting rod, it will be quite a short setup in the 7'5" / 7'6" range but struggling to make my mind up between the PE5 and PE6.

    I intend to run 50lb braid and cast 85g (~90g with hooks) stickbaits, although I might at times venture down a size (~60g), I doubt I'll ever go heavier.

    Target species will be mainly Tuna and Kingfish, mainly off the rocks (I understand this is a little shorter than the conventional rock stickbaiting rod) and small boat.

    Does anyone else out there have a similar setup? What do you guys recommend and what do you think will cast further with 60g and 90g lures, one being an inch longer and slightly stiffer/ stronger?


    P.S Rod will be partnered with a 5000H or 5500H Daiwa.

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    Re: Stickbaiting setup PE5 or PE6?

    One inch. Maybe go the PE5, this will easily handle the 90g's and less, spend the extra coin on very good casting braid such as Varivas or something simular and that 1 inch wont matter. Keep your line weight as light as possible also and then use a decent leader, FG knot etc.

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