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    Lightbulb Nils Master Spearhead

    Wanted Nils Master Spearheads to add to my collection. I have 44 different coloured Spearheads but am chasing any older ones, especially colours that are no longer available in Australia or colours that were special imports.
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    Re: Nils Master Spearhead

    Hi mate will have a look at what i have got but by the sounds of it you will have most covered Rod

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    Re: Nils Master Spearhead

    Bundy I have a dozen or so 20+ yr old spearheads let me know what color your after or pm me. All bought over 6 yr period in Darwin in late 80's early 90's.

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    Re: Nils Master Spearhead

    Wow, 44 should cover most!

    Post a photo of what you have mate, would be interested to see what they are, as well as seeing if someone can fill any gaps. I have a handful stashed away somewhere, but I don't recall seeing any obscure colours amongst them.


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    Re: Nils Master Spearhead

    I have some in a tackle box under the house I will have a look and post a pic . Matt
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