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    2015 Saltiga 6500H Spool

    I am chasing a spare spool for a 6500H Saltiga spool. Preferably slightly larger for a trip to Vanuatu. I couldn't find much searching on the net, heaps on the 2010 model. Can anyone tell me if a 7000/8000 spool would fit on the 2015 6500? I emailed Jack Reel Custom and he says an 8000 and 10000 spool will fit but I would like to confirm as I am shocked that a 10000 would fit?

    Also, my other reel is a Catalina 5000 2012 model, would a 6000 spool fit on this?


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    Re: 2015 Saltiga 6500H Spool

    I am in the same boat ( maybe literally, I am going to Vanuatu. ??? ) Have you had any success? I am after a spare for a 2015 Dogfight. I can get spools for the 6500Z Expo from Daiwa but last time I spoke with them the 2015's were not available. How'd you go with the 10'000 were you able to try it?

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